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How to Choose High-end Rental LED Display?

2019-10-30 www.myddisplay.com

The high-end rental led display has the following seven technical features: EMC optimized design, automatic calibration, cabinet status monitoring, dual card, dual power backup, mute, intelligent brightness adjustment, low reflection.

Meiyad P2.5 HD Rental LED Video Wall

Meiyad P2.5 HD Rental LED Video Wall

1. EMC Optimization Design

In the application, the rental led display needs to operate simultaneously with a variety of electronic devices. In order to avoid electromagnetic interference with each other, an EMC optimized design of the rental led screen is required. For example, the PCB adopts technology such as no spike wiring design, low interference wiring, multi-layer copper shielding, high and low frequency separation, and multiple processing of sensitive signals. Optimized circuit design, such as multiple filtering, pure power technology. Multiple shielded EMC cabinet structure design, etc., to solve electromagnetic interference through the above design.

Meiyad P2.5 HD Rental LED Display Cabinet

Meiyad P2.5 HD Rental LED Display Cabinet

2. Automatic Correction

What is "automatic correction"? That is, the calibration data is stored on the module. If the module is replaced, the card is received, or the card is sent, no debugging is required, no data need to be resent.

The traditional correction technology requires a professional to replace the module and the receiving card and resend the correction data. Each module needs to be numbered, and a folder is created to store the correction coefficient of the corresponding module, which is stored in the U disk or the mobile hard disk. The user needs to save the module correction factor separately and record the module number. After replacing the receiving card or module, you need to re-import the correction factor. If the coefficient is not imported after replacing the module, the patch will appear. If the user loses the correction factor, the correction cannot be enabled.

The rental led screen with "automatic correction" technology, no need to do any debugging after replacing the module or receiving the card. The entire led screen is the corrected effect, no color difference, color block, flower screen and other issues.

Meiyad P2.5 HD Rental LED Screen Cabinet

Meiyad P2.5 HD Rental LED Screen Cabinet

3. The Cabinet Status Monitoring

The receiving card of the high-end rental led video wall can detect and monitor the cabinet temperature, humidity, power supply and the communication status of fan signal line, so that the field staff can control the running status of the led cabinet in real time.

4. Dual Card, Power Backup

Since the LED display is composed of a large number of led cabinets and a large number of electronic devices, the inevitable failure rate of electronic devices has been plaguing the users. Therefore, when some of the electronic components of the led screen are in trouble, the led screen still works normally, which is especially important.

Dual-card, dual-power backup is a solution for ensuring the reliability and stability of LED displays in demanding environments.

Dual receiving backup mode, one cabinet uses two receiving cards. The two receiving cards work at the same time, back up each other, and automatically switch seamlessly when any one signal fails, ensuring that the display works perfectly.

5. Silent Operation

In some high-end occasions, such as museums, concerts, press conferences, etc., the led display needs to be silent. LED displays require low-noise or fanless and low-noise power supplies. Sometimes to achieve this effect, higher requirements are placed on the power supply.

Video of Meiyad P2.5 Rental LED Display

6. Intelligent Brightness Adjustment

In the performance, there is not only a light source of the rental led screen on the stage, the led screen display effect will be affected by stage lighting such as projection, spotlights, and moving head lights. Therefore, it is necessary to install automatic adaptation photographic adjustment equipment for the rental led screen, and will not affect the display due to ambient light.

7. Low Reflection

Due to the presence of other light sources such as projections, spotlights, moving lights, etc., the rental led screen should consider the problem of reflection. The led display package device is designed in an all-black package. The combination of black PPA material and epoxy resin makes the front of the lamp be black overall, which can better improve the contrast of the display.  The surface of the device colloid is designed with a matte surface, which avoids the light reflection caused by the glue mirror effect, thereby effectively reducing the reflection interference and making the screen more softer and brighter.

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