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Recommend LED Cube Display For Special Advertising

2019-08-15 www.myddisplay.com

In this article, we will know a special led display. Let me introduce the led cube display.

Literally, led cube display is  a cube-shaped display which has 4 or 5 or more sides.

Meiyad LED Cube Display

If it is a 4-sided led cube display, it can show 4 pcs different video respectively, and also can show 1 video as a whole. Special design of led cube display structure gives the audience significant feeling, make 100% attraction.

P4 Cube LED Display in Suzhou Hotel, 8 pillars, 67sqm.

P2.976 Cube LED Screen in Singapore Shopping Mall, Width 1.25m * Height 2.25m * 4 sides =11.25 sqm

P3 LED Cube Display in New Delhi Shopping Center, Width 4.572m * Height 0.99m * 4 sides * 2 pcs = 36.2 sqm

Cube size and pixel pitch are customizable. LED cube display is one the free form displays that designed for HD special effects. Like custom led balls, it is applicable to advertising media, concert, TV show, shopping mall, entertainment, exhibition, airport, hotel, station hall and other public places or other special events in need of creative decoration.

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