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Four Tips About Radio TV Studio LED Video Wall

2019-08-01 www.myddisplay.com

With the development of led display technology, led displays are increasingly being used in large-scale events in television studios and television broadcasts. As the background wall of the event, the led video wall provides a variety of vivid, dazzling background images and more interactive features, so that the performance and the background are integrated, perfectly blending the atmosphere of the scene and the show. However, in order to give full play to the advantages of led video display, the following four tips should be paid attention to during the selection and use.

P4 LED Video Wall in Peru TV Station

1. The shooting distance should be appropriate

The shooting distance is related to the pixel pitch of the led display screen. The pixel pitch of the led display is different, and the appropriate shooting distance is also different.

For example, P4 led display (pixel pitch 4mm) is suitable for a distance between the person and the screen of 4 to 10 meters, so that a good background image can be obtained when shooting a character. If the character is too close to the screen, the background will appear grainy when shooting close-ups, and it will also be prone to texture interference.

2. The pixel pitch should be as small as possible

The pixel pitch is the distance between adjacent pixel dots of the led display. The smaller the pixel pitch, the more pixels per unit area, the higher the resolution, the closer the shooting distance, and of course more expensive.

At present, the pixel pitch of led display screens used in domestic TV studios is mostly 1.5-2.5 mm. It is necessary to carefully study the relationship between the resolution of the signal source and the pixel pitch, and strive to achieve consistent resolution and achieve a perfect display effect.

P3.91 LED Display in Mauritius

3. Color temperature adjustment

When using the large led screen as the studio background, the color temperature should be consistent with the color temperature of the studio, in order to get accurate color display during shooting. The lighting of the television studio is sometimes based on the demand of the programme, sometimes using 3200K low color temperature lamps, sometimes using 5600K high color temperature lamps, and the led display screen needs to be adjusted to the corresponding color temperature to obtain satisfactory shooting results.

4. To ensure a good use of the environment

The life and stability of large led screens are closely related to the operating temperature. If the actual working temperature exceeds the scope of use specified by the product, not only will its life be shortened, but the product itself will be severely damaged. In addition, the threat of dust cannot be ignored. Too much dust will cause the thermal stability of the led screen to drop or even cause leakage of electricity; the dust will also absorb moisture, which will corrode the electronic circuit, causing some short-circuit problems that are difficult to check, so pay attention to keep the studio clean.

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