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The Development Prospect of Meiyad Flexible LED Display

2019-05-30 www.myddisplay.com

Gone are the days of stagnant display boards. LED displays have proven to be more captivating and custom, but new flexible led display solutions are taking digital signage into a new era.

Meiayd Flexible LED Display

The ability for digital signage to assimilate into the design of a space provides a new dimension to the role these displays can play, and what spaces can provide customers, travelers or passers by.

Meiyad Flexible LED Screen

China-based Meiyad has provided led displays in more than 100 countries in its 11-year existence and submitted these glimpses at its flexible led display offerings.

Displays like this have flexibility not only in its form but also in the way they are used. From airports, concert venues, retail environments and even oddly-shaped environments.

Without a metal frame, these flexible led displays offer a lightweight and malleable solution to the most demanding installations.

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