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Market Development of Special Shaped LED Display

2019-01-19 www.myddisplay.com

Compared with traditional LED displays, the special-shaped LED display pays more attention to the structural design. Internally, PCP boards and originals do not change much; the most important is the appearance of structures, such as arcs, circles, cylinders, letters, etc., which tend to change structurally, through tolerances and techniques in the inside. For those who are not very familiar with outdoor stitching, there will be great differences in stitching. The first point is that the stitching is uneven, the gap will be large, and the external structure does not look good, which will directly affect the display effect, including the contact inside. The power supply and chip will have an effect on the normal display.

Special Shaped LED Display

The domestic special shaped LED display field is more inclined to users with special needs, compared with the traditional LED display, the demand is small, mainly used in stage rental, outdoor media, performing arts and other places. The demand for foreign shaped LED displays is small, but they have high-end LED display technology.

In the development of the LED market, the LED market is divided into two categories: LED display and LED lighting. In the future, the LED market will continue to grow, but there will be great differences in application. According to relevant data, the growth of LED display market has gradually slowed down in recent years, and LED lighting will gradually become the main growth point in the market within one to two years due to its large shipments, energy saving and environmental protection. While consolidating the original standardized advantages products, we are committed to the R&D and market expansion of LED shaped display products to fully meet the individual needs of the market.

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