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Types and Characteristics of Stadium LED Display

2019-01-12 www.myddisplay.com

LED display has become an indispensable facility for modern large-scale sports venues. It uses a large number of LED displays in major sports events, especially in the world's top sports events such as the Olympic Games.

From the perspective of its use, it can be divided into two categories. One is a full color large led screen, which is used to play the scenes on the field (including other venues) at the game site, or to play back the wonderful close-up shots in slow motion, etc., or to use The three-dimensional animation shows the game and a certain event, in short, it is a giant color TV. In the Olympic Games and large-scale international competitions, many people can't go to the stadium because of the large number of tourists. You can also set up a large full color led screen in the public places in the city to broadcast the live broadcast on the stadium, so that more people can be present. The same participation. However, this is not part of the construction of the venue.

Stadium LED Display in Suizhou

The other is the chronograph scoring LED display, which is connected with the game's chronograph scoring system to play the player's game scores and related materials. In the sense of the game, the chronograph scoring screen is more important, and some venues are more important. There can be no big screens for the video, but there can be no screens for timing scoring. The key to the timekeeping score screen is to be accurate and clear in real time, and on this basis, try to be vivid and more expressive (such as animation). The scoring LED display mainly displays the player's game results, materials, or other information in text or text plus graphic animation. The color can be monochrome, multi-color, or full color. The text information should be in English and national characters. The graphic is mainly the national flag of the country where the player is displayed. (There are more than 200 flags in different countries and regions in the world. You must have full color ability to display the flag correctly. If it cannot be accurately displayed. It is better not to show, there is no problem, some venues in the Athens Olympic Games used a single color, and the previous Olympic Games did not display the flag of the player on the scoreboard. The animation is suitable for displaying the event or the scene is broken. Records, goals, etc.

There is also a large LED screen for commercial advertising. The form is varied, the most common is the LED screen around the stadium and in the stands, but the Olympics does not allow commercial advertising.

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