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How to Keep Dry and Lose Heat for LED Display?

2018-12-26 www.myddisplay.com

The biggest challenge for outdoor led screens during the year. How to keep dry in rainy weather and maintain good heat dissipation in a high temperature environment has become a thorny problem for outdoor LED displays.

Keep Dry and lose heat, a pair of natural contradictions

The internal components of the LED display are MSD components (humidity sensitive devices). Once moisture enters, it may cause oxidation and corrosion of the lamp, PCB board, power supply, power line and other zero devices, resulting in a dead light failure. Therefore, the LED screen module, internal structure and external chassis need to be fully waterproof.

At the same time, the internal components of the full color LED screen are also the most hot-emitting electronic components, such as LED lamp beads, driver ICs, and switching power supplies. Poor heat dissipation design can oxidize the screen material, affecting quality and life. If the heat is concentrated and cannot be dissipated, the internal components of the LED will be overheated and damaged, causing malfunction. Therefore, good heat dissipation requires a transparent, convective structure, which contradicts the requirements for moisture protection.

Meiyad P10 Outdoor LED Display

High temperature and heat, how to achieve a two-pronged approach?

In the hot and humid weather, in the face of moisture and heat dissipation, this seemingly irreconcilable contradiction can be subtly solved through superb hardware and meticulous structural design.

First, reducing power consumption and reducing heat loss are effective ways to improve heat dissipation. The well-known led display manufacturer Meiyad is selected from the source to optimize the design of high-quality LED chips, focusing on the independent development of high-efficiency and high-quality drive power. The superior raw material quality and excellent performance parameters have laid a firm foundation for heat dissipation and moisture protection.

Secondly, improving the module production process is also a top priority. It is understood that the structural optimization of the electronic components of the PCB board is simplified and rationally arranged, and the material with high thermal conductivity is used for potting and sealing, and at the same time meets the heat dissipation requirements of the seamlessly accessible components and components of the water vapor.

Finally, rational optimization of the box structure can play a key role. Considering heat dissipation and oxidation resistance in the chassis material, high-quality aluminum is selected, and the interior of the chassis adopts a multi-layer space structure to form an overall transparent convection heat dissipation structure, which can fully utilize natural air for convection heat dissipation, taking into consideration heat dissipation and sealing. It also improves reliability and service life.

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