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How to Improving the Display Effect of LED Display? (Part 1)

2018-12-06 www.myddisplay.com

1. Introduction

In recent years, the application of full color LED display in stadiums, road traffic, advertising, leasing, etc. has shown a rapid growth trend. According to the forecast of the international market of LED display products by Standford Resources, full color and high resolution LED display products will be adopted in the current and future market, so it is necessary to keep abreast of market trends on display control technology and new products design of large LED screen, overcomes the corresponding technical difficulties of high end products and completes the development of high end new products.

This paper combines domestic and foreign LED display technology, focusing on the development of related indicators and key technologies that affect the display effect of LED displays.

Meiyad P5 Cylindrical LED Display

2. The improvement of LED display technology indicators

The level of grayscale, contrast, refresh rate and other technical indicators of the full color LED display directly affect the display effect of the full color LED display.

1) Gray level

The gray level refers to the brightness level that can be distinguished from the darkest to the brightest in the single primary color brightness of the LED display. The higher the gray level of the LED display, the richer the color and the more vivid the color. Otherwise, the display color is single, the change is simple. The increase of the gray level can greatly increase the color depth, so that the display level of the image color increases geometrically. Meiyad's LED grayscale control level is 14bit~16bit, which makes the image level resolution details and display effects of high end display products reach the world advanced level. With the development of hardware technology, LED gray levels will continue to develop toward higher control precision.

2) Improvement of contrast ratio

Contrast ratio is one of the key factors affecting visual effects. Generally speaking, the higher the contrast ratio, the clearer and more conspicuous the image, and the more vivid the color. High contrast ratio is very helpful for image sharpness, detail performance, and gray level performance. In some text and video displays with large contrast  between black and white, high contrast LED displays have advantages in black-and-white contrast, sharpness, and integrity. Contrast has a greater impact on the dynamic video display. As the light and dark transitions in the dynamic image are faster, the higher the contrast, the easier it is for the human eye to distinguish such a conversion process.

A. Improve the brightness of the LED display

Brightness of LED display is not the higher the better in some cases. For example, indoor LED display, if the brightness is too high, it will cause light pollution, causing damage to the observer's vision.

B. Reduce the surface reflectance of the LED display

The LED panel and LED lighting tube dealed with special processing, reducing the reflectivity of the LED panel, thereby improving the contrast ratio of the LED display.

3) Refresh rate

The refresh rate is the number of times the LED display content is displayed repeatedly every second. If full color led display refresh rate is low, and the image will flicker, especially when shooting with video imaging equipment. Therefore, it is necessary to increase the refresh rate of the LED display.

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