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Design Idea of High Reliability LED Display

2018-11-29 www.myddisplay.com

With the development of LED display technology, customers have deepened their recognition, and new customers have higher and higher requirements for the stability and reliability of LED display. Therefore, in order to meet the requirements, manufacturers must design a more reliable LED display. In order to achieve high reliability of the LED display, the design requirements must include heat, reasonable and advanced.

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1. Maturity


Adopting mature advanced technology in technology. Ensuring all devices to deal with derating work status in design ; using reasonable operation model in reliability; Adopting complete standards in technology; Fully consider rationality in program indicators, not blindly pursue meaningless high index.Using high-quality materials are in the selection of light emitting devices and driver chips; Modularity and standardization are adopted on the screen structure. Considering the high quality brands in the selection of components and equipment.

2. Advanced

A. Adopting the most advanced high definition image insertion and signal processing system to ensure high fidelity video restoration.

B. Adopting single point brightness correction technology, that is, by controlling the current pulse width of each LED to control the brightness of the pixel, achieved the consistent with brightness of the whole screen.

C. Single lighting chromaticity correction technology :

1) Making the LED display screen show the true color of the natural world and realize the true restoration of the color.

2) Making the error ΔX, y<0.003 between the color coordinates of the same color of each pixel, and ensure the uniformity of color reproduction of the LED display.

D. Eliminating the brightness attenuation year by year.

The LED display maximum corrected white balance brightness should be greater than the actual use brightness when delivery. The brightness is corrected point by point by the manufacturer on a regular basis to ensure that the brightness of the white balance after the calibration of the LED display is not lower than the actual required brightness.

3. Reasonable

Adopting reasonable operation model, increasing parallel links, reducing series links, adopting hot standby technology and double way self healing structure. Due to the cost and process feasibility of the LED display, it is not possible to use a parallel model for the operational model. Parallel model means that when the same unit of the product is working at the same time, the product will not malfunction as long as there is no failure of one unit. Therefore, the key components of the LED display and the components with high device failure rate are connected in parallel to reduce the failure rate and improve reliability.

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