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Analysis of the Characteristics of Mobile LED Screen

2018-11-24 www.myddisplay.com

The mobile LED screen uses LED technology, GSM/GPRS technology, low temperature technology, antistatic technology, anti-interference technology, and vehicle electronic technology to display information products on mobile vehicles. It is different from a normal LED display installed in a fixed location, the reason is used for vehicles and advertising.

The characteristics of vehicle LED display:

Mobile LED Screen

1. High stability and reliability

Cars are always moving, and they require high stability and reliability of electronic products.

2. Supported by stable power system

The power supply on the car is powered by a battery. When the car starts, brakes, and stops, it will generate a high pulse voltage. If the power system is not good, the LED display will burn out.

3. Wide operating temperature range

Cars are generally placed outdoors in the many countries. Winter temperatures may reach -40 ° C, summer temperatures may reach 60°C, which requires power and LED display components to work at wide temperatures.

4. Good anti-static measures

Cars are prone to static electricity during operation, especially in the fall, electrostatic high voltage can reach thousands of volts, if there is no good anti-static measures, it is easy to damage IC and LED lights.

5. Suitable brightness

Appropriate brightness, if the brightness of the LED display is not enough, it will not be visible during the day, and the meaning of installing the LED display will be lost. If it is too bright, it will affect the driving.

6. LED brightness decay

LED decay characteristics, LED brightness has decay rate, 10-70% decay rate in a year, the brightness of poor quality of LED display is reduced by half in six month, resulting in display content is not invisible.

7. The other is external dimension and so on.

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