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How to Solve the Three Highs and One Low of LED Display?

2018-11-19 www.myddisplay.com

"Three highs and one low" actually refers to the high color rendering, high light efficiency, high reliability and low cost mentioned in the technology of LED display. How to achieve low cost and make the quality of LED display reach "three High". This need adopt a series of measures in all aspects of the LED display industry chain, such as new technology, new structures, new processes, new materials, etc. LED display as a new emerging industry, its technical aspects are very important, it is also the core issue in the overall process.

The following is mainly analyzed from the "three high and one low", that is, high color rendering, high light efficiency, high reliability and low cost:

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Firstly, from the high color rendering: LED display have many color quality, including color temperature, color rendering,light color fidelity, light color naturalness, hue recognition, visual comfort and so on. Now we are only discussing the issue of color temperature and color rendering. Producing a high color rendering full color LED display light source will lose more light efficiency, so take care of these two factors in design. Of course, you must also consider the RGB three primary color combination to achieve when improving high color rendering. Here are our three methods:

1. Multi primary phosphor

2. RGB multi-chip combination.

3. Phosphor powder and chip.

Secondly, from high luminous efficiency: the light effect of LED electronic display is an important indicator of energy saving effect. At present, our country needs to strengthen in the light effect effect aspect, it is necessary to solve related technologies from all links of the industrial chain question to truly achieve high light efficiency, how do you achieve high light efficiency? This article will specifically aim at the technical issues to be solved in several links such as epitaxy, chip, package, and lamps.

1. Improve internal quantum efficiency and external quantum efficiency.

2. Improve the extraction efficiency of the package and reduce the junction temperature.

3. Improve the light extraction efficiency of the luminaire.

Thirdly, from the perspective of high reliability: it mainly includes indicators such as failure rate and lifetime. However, there are different understandings and explanations in the application. High reliability refers to the ability of a product to perform a specified function under specified conditions and within a specified time. The categories of LED failure mainly include serious failures and parameter failures. However, lifetime is a characterization of product reliability. If the LED display manufacturer wants to get good control over the overall quality of the LED display, you need to do the following two things:

Extending the loss of failure time.

Reducing failure rate.

Finally, in reducing the cost of products: At present, many consumers feel that the price is too high when they buy LED display screens. Therefore, many LED display manufacturers have also taken corresponding measures to reduce costs in addition to mass production. Mainly from the technical measures to reduce costs. Also in the epitaxial chip, packaging, drive, heat dissipation and other aspects to reduce costs, thereby fundamentally solving the cost of LED display products. Specifically speaking from the following four aspects:

The method of reducing the cost of the epitaxial chip chain.

The method of reducing costs in the packaging process.

The method of reducing the cost of the lamp chip chain.

Reduction of other supporting accessories costs.

The above is mainly to solve the main technologies of LED display and take corresponding measures from the four major technologies of high color rendering, high luminous efficiency, high reliability and low cost. In general, in addition to adopting new technologies and new processes, new structures, new materials and other measures to achieve high luminous efficiency, high color rendering, high reliability and low cost of LED display. From a deeper level, we should regard improving energy efficiency and light color quality as a higher requirement for full color LED display so that really provide customer with the demand for products! Only the LED manufacturers start from the most basic, from the various aspects of production, and the cooperation of various material supply links of each LED display, can fully improve the overall quality of LED display.

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