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Four Misusages of Large LED Video Wall

2018-11-06 www.myddisplay.com

Stage LED display has always been the top priority in the creation of large scale evening parties. The style, color and presentation of stage design not only represent the artistic taste of a party, but also directly present the theme of the party, and also play a certain conclusive role in the performance of the party.

Therefore, almost all large scale parties will make the evening dance design the as the first important work after the project is established. There are many types of large-scale evening programs.Almost all director groups hope that the evening dance design can be flexible and changeable to meet the special needs of the dance design and program content synchronization during the party. As the popularity of LED technology has made many large scale party producers see the best opportunity to realize their dreams, especially in recent years, LED technology has been continuously upgraded, enabling large scale parties to achieve large scale LED video wall installed at a lower cost. At the same time, it can also use a variety of flexible LED material to create a variety of curved LED displays. So, viewers have seen more widespread use of LEDs in large scale evening shows, and the most typical example is the annual CCTV Spring Festival Gala in China.

The use of LED video wall, from the earliest middle of a large area main LED screen plus two side LED screens, also gradually transition to the comprehensive utilization of the panoramic LED video wall and comprehensive three dimensional LED video wall, in the past only CCTV has the strength to build the large LED stage has also gradually appeared in many provincial and municipal evenings. However, convenient technical means does not really mean high efficiency. The comprehensive utilization of high-tech means on the stage does not represent a real improvement in the level of stage performance. Throughout the production of domestic large scale evening parties, we combined with our own experience in the large-scale party, summed up the following misusages of large scale party LED video wall.

Stage LED Display LED Video Wall

1. The abuse of real life pictures leads to a huge conflict between the beauty of video and the content of the program.

The continuous upgrading of LED screen manufacturing technology has made many production teams and organizers love the characteristics of the screen “High Definition”. In the process of creation,it is easy to enter the misunderstanding of “Penny wise and pound foolish”. In order to reflect the characteristics of the high-definition screen as much as possible, the producer is often keen to play a special live video on the live LED video wall as a background dance. For example, in the song and dance program, a large number of urban landscape pictures and human life pictures are played, and it is intended to achieve a combination of program art interpretation and LED screen reality presentation, but the result is counterproductive.

The stage show performance pursues a high sense of form, with color, light, and formation as the longest, and most of the live-action videos are too rich in color, which will be used as the main background of the stage, will bring great damage to be interpreted in the form of the stage program.And make the audience has a sense of clutter that “can't take them all in” and “do not know where to look”. The original design used to enhance the effect of the program but has a huge impact on the audience’s viewing and also go against the basic principle of the beauty of the design and production of the program.

2. The abuse of LED screens destroys the lighting effects that should be in the stage performance area.

The gradual reduction of the production cost of LED screens has led many creators to blindly pursue the concept of “panoramic video stage design”. In the stage design use many large LED screens, and even more,all the dance scenes are replaced by LEDs. However, many creators have neglected the reality that LED screens are easy to bring great light pollution to the stage. They could not forgive themselves for when the stage is finished designing and performing overall lighting synthesis.

In the overall design of the program, the lighting plays a huge role, it can make the whole stage a magical sense of space and layering, making the overall visual presentation more interesting. In the traditional stage design, the only light source is the lighting system. The director, the lighting engineer and the dancers can work together to create a unique stage space by light. However, when the LEDs are used in a large amount, the situation has undergone tremendous changes. In addition to the lighting system, the lighting source in the stage space has a variety of self-illuminating LED screens. In the process of playing various video materials, the LED screens are  constantly changed the intensity and color of the light  as the changes in the picture. This feature makes the lighting control on the stage more complicated and the combination of light is more challenging.

We has found in the preparations for the large scale party that a large number of LED screens lacking precision measurement and planning have caused great interference to the construction and operation of the stage lighting system, which makes it impossible for the lighting engineer to accurately measure the Illumination intensity of the needs of the performers,which also makes the overall color of the stage messy.

3. Just taking care of the whole, ignore of the part LED screen, making TV broadcast difficult.

Many large scale evening parties are being held on-site, most of them also live broadcast through TV at the same time. So the creation team of the evening party should not only consider the effect of the live performance of the evening party, but also the characteristics of the communication of the TV.

The basic components of a TV screen are shots of different scenes. In simple terms, it is a panoramic view, a medium shot, and a close-up. The live performances are more of a "panoramic" effect. Many creative teams often only consider the “big effect” of the panorama when they are making the stage design.They don’t think about the medium scene, especially the close-up, that is needed when the TV is transmitted.

In the traditional dance production, TV camera personnel can find the background image with low brightness or the background with large color difference in the background video as the background of the subject to realize the unique TV picture art effect, but it is used in a large number of LED screens. Today, if you do not consider the needs of the TV lens at the beginning of the design, the final picture will lack a three-dimensional sense. The main body picture and the background will be easy to fit and overlap, and the effect of TV transmission will be greatly reduced.

4. The lack of space in the video stage design, the constraint of the visual extension of the show.

Compared with traditional stage techniques, the biggest feature of LED technology and video beauty is the creation of the second space.Through a variety of unique 3D technologies, the director was able to create a virtual visual space through the LED screen. This space combined with the real space on the stage can greatly expand the visual space of the performance scene, allowing the audience to create a sense of time and space,presenting rich stage visual effects.

But in fact, most of the evening party's creative team still regards it as a traditional two-dimensional scene when using the LED screen, instead of taking it as a three-dimensional space, the final stage visual effect is not only maximizing the advantages of LEDs, but also lost the characteristics of traditional stage design and production, it not worth the candle. The above misunderstandings have been seen in the production of many large-scale evening parties. How to make LED video wall really play its characteristics and better serve the evening party content, we also tried to make the following suggestions:

1) In the early stage of the stage design, the “big vision” team was formed to jointly carry out the creative work. We has communicated with many large scale performance teams in Hong Kong and Taiwan as well as abroad. These experienced creative teams will set up a creative team that includes professionals such as stage design, video design, lighting design, and program director, etc. From the very beginning of the program creation, the professionals of all kinds of work will be deeply involved, and the determination of each idea will ensure the high degree of enforceability of all levels of technology. Compared with most of the domestic production teams to determine the program creativity and content, and then let the surrounding work types participate in the process,the initial establishment of the "big vision" team's work style is more conducive to the consistency of the final presentation of the program, allowing a variety of artistic means highly unified for one purpose, ensuring the final visual and artistic effect of the show.

2) Taking video stage as part of the content of the show, let the video stage to serve the show, not the show serve for video. Many program creation teams are often used to doing additions when they are creating programs.They hope that the performances on the stage and the background video will take on more functions to achieve one plus one is more than two effects, but the reality is often the opposite. The characteristics of the stage performance determine the positioning of the video dance beauty for the program service. The idea that a program has multiple functions is not realistic. If you want to ensure the final performance, the video dance beauty is destined to be subordinate to the stage performance, but not to the master. Regardless of the color tone of the video, the speed of the motion,and the brightness of the picture, the requirements of the overall atmosphere of the program must be obeyed to ensure that the content of the program and the video are spoken in the same language.

3) Video stage production should not seek "big" for "Shine". At present, many large-scale evening party organizers in China are pursuing the grandeur of the scene and the novelty of the beauty of the stage. This is understandable, but in actual production, the pursuit of "big scene" and "dazzling" does not mean good-looking. The overall stage atmosphere of the evening party should pay attention to the sense of rhythm. It can achieve high and low fluctuations.There are both big scenes and small moods to attract viewers to follow the rhythm of the program, in otherwise, which will bring negative effects of visual fatigue. All in all, the use of video stage in large-scale evening parties is still a relatively new topic in China. How to study the use of video stage in the perspective of the overall effect of the evening party is the top priority for the future development of the video stage.

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