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How to Make a Beautiful Creative LED Display?

2018-10-15 www.myddisplay.com

The appearance of LED electronic display not only brings great convenience to our life, but also adds color to the city. With the continuous improvement of LED display technology, the design of LED display screen is more artistic and aesthetic. LED displays of various shapes such as "wavy" and "spherical" have appeared. The spherical LED display is a new fashion, attractive and flexible LED display product developed in recent years, which is different from the process and technological process of making traditional LED display.

The spherical LED display is classified into two types: the first one is a full-spherical LED display. Generally, such a ball is relatively small, about 2 meters in diameter, and can be viewed in close proximity. The second is a hemispherical LED display. Generally such a ball is relatively large and needs to be viewed from a far distance.

Creative Spherical LED Display

The spherical LED display production methods are roughly as follows:

1. For the outdoor spherical LED display with larger diameter, it can be done by single pixel tube. The ball is cut in latitude, and one row of LED pixel tubes is placed at each latitude.

2. For the indoor spherical LED display with small diameter, you can use the surface mount RGB LED lamp, and use the flexible pcb board to make the point-by-point controllable lamp strip.Then the strip is like the first form, and the sphere is surrounded by the latitude.

3. For indoor LED screens, special LED module can also be designed according to the point spacing. The special-shaped LED module can be designed with triangles for splicing, or it can be designed as 6-sided for splicing (just like playing football, composed of multiple 6-sided shapes). The models of indoor LED spherical screens are: P4, P5, P6, P10 a variety of models are available.

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