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How to Choose LED Display According to Pixel Pitch?

2018-10-11 www.myddisplay.com

Pixel pitch is one of the important technical parameters of led display. What is the pixel pitch? How to choose led display according to pixel pitch? This is a question of many friends. Here are some answers from our technical engineers.

Meiyad P3 Indoor LED Video Screen

What is the pixel pitch?

The pixel pitch is the pixel density from the distance between two pixels. The dot pitch and pixel density are the physical properties of the LED display; the information capacity is the number of units of the information carrying capacity displayed by the pixel density per unit area once a time. The smaller the dot pitch is, the higher the pixel density is, and the more the information capacity per unit area can be displayed, the closer the distance is suitable for viewing. The larger the pixel pitch, the lower the pixel density, and the smaller the display information per unit area, the farther the distance which is suitable to viewing.

How to choose the pixel pitch of LED display?

Choosing the pixel pitch of LED display is related to two factors:

1. The viewing distance of LED display

Where is the LED display installed, and how far people stand at a distance to view, is an important factor in determining the spacing of the dots when selecting an LED display.

Generally there is a formula: The best visible distance = point spacing / (0.3 ~ 0.8), which is a rough range. For example, for a LED display with a dot spacing of 16 mm, the best visible distance is 20 to 54 meters. The distance where you stand is closer than the minimum distance, and the pixels pitch of the LED display can be distinguished. The graininess is relatively strong,but when you stands far away, you  can not distinguish the characteristics of the details. (As for normal vision, excluding myopia and hyperopia). In fact, this is also a probably number.

For outdoor led display, if the viewing distance is close, we suggest to use P10 or P12, and P16 or P20 is farther. For indoor display, P4~P6 is generally available, and P7.62 or P10 is used farther.

2. The total number of pixels in the LED display

For video, the basic format is VCD, resolution is 352*288, DVD format is 768*576. So for the LED video screen, we recommend that the minimum resolution is no less than 352*288, so the effect is good enough. If it is lower, it can be displayed, but it does not achieve better effect.

For bi-color and single color led display screens that display text and pictures, the resolution requirements are not high. According to the actual size, the minimum display of the number 9 font size can be determined according to the amount of your text.

Therefore, when choosing the LED display , the smaller the dot pitch is, the higher the resolution will be, and the display will be clearer. However, it is also necessary to take into account factors such as cost and demand, and scope of application.

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