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Maya Shanghai International LED Exhibition Highlights Review

2015-06-17 www.myddisplay.com

Quality and innovation are the core of long-term development of an enterprise. After the Central Government proposed to upgrade "Made in China" to "China's intelligence," many enterprises responded and even tried to implement it. However, with the passage of time and taking into account all kinds of real problems, after all, they still have more to talk about, To the extent of less. The Shenzhen Mayer Di, LED application products in the homogenization of serious industry peers have joined the brutal price competition in order to gain vitality and no time to take into account the quality and innovation, but resolutely turned his attention elsewhere, towards the special screen direction deep plowing, will The words "quality" and "innovation" are implemented in the end to capture new business opportunities. With the constant innovation of technology and improvement of manufacturing process, nowadays, Shenzhen UAE becomes the representative of "Made in China" and "Made in China" of international LED application products through setting up many classic cases proved by time in the international market one.

Shenzhen Mayer on quality and innovation attitude? This can start with the alien products of the United States. When discussing the alien market, the company introduced a variety of triangular modules, which can be stitched together for the most part. In fact, the shape of the screen in the United States made a variety of attempts. For example, cool styling DJ stage, with a colorful screen and dynamic melody, giving people a strong visual impact, both for the night market has attracted many consumers, but also to improve the grade night market. This allows the United States and Asia's products have been warmly sought after by customers.

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