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How to Achieve Energy Saving and Environmental for LED Display?

2018-07-21 www.myddisplay.com

As an important display device in contemporary economic life, LED display is widely used in more and more occasions. In the process of realizing the value of LED display, there are also some problems, such as energy saving and environmental protection. LED display is a product with relatively large power consumption. How to reduce energy consumption and achieve energy saving and environmental protection is a problem that every enterprise must consider. So what performance does the LED display have to achieve real energy saving and environmental protection? Some analysis will be taking as the following.

Meiyad Indoor LED Display

1. Brightness adjustment technology: In order to adapt to different weathers and make the display achieve the best display effect, the LED display specially were designed the 256-level brightness adjustment device to ensure the display show best effect in various environments.

2. Special protection technology of environmental protection materials: the use of environmentally friendly materials, through special technological processes, no need  glue, can make the LED display module to achieve environmental protection purposes of both waterproof and dust-proof, but also to prevent ultraviolet rays. When customers choose display products, they need to know their own requirements for LED display, such as the application site of the LED display, environmental analysis, expectations of the product, comprehensive analysis of various reasons, in order to choose the right product.

3. Strong convection heat removal system: The LED display generated high heat when is working,In order to ensure that the entire display system is running in a stable state, the research on the display heat dissipation system has a strong convection row thermal system. In addition, the heat conduction effect of aluminum is utilized to make the heat dissipation system more stable and reliable.

4. Constant current noise reduction technology: LED display driver chip adopts  internationally advanced LED display chip system, which is the leader in the field of full color LED display. Combined with the characteristics of its chip, a constant current noise reduction technology has been researched to ensure that the influence of other noise sources such as power supply on the LED display is reduced to a minimum.

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