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Deep Analysis of the Meiyad Flexible LED Screen

2018-07-03 www.myddisplay.com

As the LED display application market becomes more and more mature, its subdivided products are also becoming more and more, and LED flexible screen is one of them.

Meiyad LED Flexible Screen Can Bend and Stretch

The LED display screens that everyone knows are hard-boned, and the word "soft" is completely out of touch. But the emergence of the Meiyad LED flexible screen completely broke this perception. Different from the traditional LED display using glass fiber materials and other rigid PCB boards, the LED flexible screen uses a flexible FPC circuit board, and the mask and the bottom shell are made of rubber material, and then a special series of locks and link devices are used. The design ensures the maximum flexibility of the LED display to achieve a curved shape that is not possible with other common LED screens.

P2.5 Flexible LED Module

Magnet Adsorption, Easy Installation

The traditional LED display adopts large engineering installation methods such as screws and frame fixing, and the installation method of the LED flexible screen is particularly simple, just like sticking a piece of paper on the wall. Meiyad LED flexible screen is very light weight, so it is more sensitive to magnet mounting, which greatly simplifies the installation and disassembly process, making it easier for customers to complete the installation work and reduce the burden of use.

Flexible LED Display Installation

Meiyad LED flexible screen is suitable for buildings where traditional LED displays are difficult to fit completely, such as curved walls, cylinders and other irregular walls. Traditional LED display screens, if you want to install on curved wall surfaces, generally have three methods: the box body will be made into a vertical strip shape, which will be spliced and installed; the box body will be made into a curved strip and then spliced; The unit, and the screen steel structure also needs to be made into an arc shape. These three methods are undoubtedly very troublesome in production and installation, and the LED flexible screen is much more convenient and quicker.

In view of the above unique advantages, Meiyad LED flexible screens are widely used in places with special shapes, such as shopping mall columns, bars, stage and so on.

LED flexible screen has great potential for development

The development potential of LED flexible screens is very impressive. With the advancement and prosperity of China's cultural undertakings, cultural performances are prevalent, and the demand for LED flexible screens will increase greatly.

Meiyad LED flexible screen has a variety of shapes, fully meeting the needs of cultural performances.

Spiral Flexible LED Display

Spiral Flexible LED Display

Wavy Flexible LED Display

Wavy Flexible LED Display

Cylindrical Flexible LED Display

Cylindrical Flexible LED Display

Meiyad LED Flexible Screen

Meiyad LED flexible screen won two invention patents, quality assurance, 10000 bending and folding tests, and 1500-day terminal market applications. At present, Meiyad flexible LED display covers P2, P2.5, P3, P4, P5, P6, P8, and P10. The successful cases are all over the world, the quality is stable, and it is well received by customers.

Meiyad Flexible LED Display in India Shopping Center

Meiyad Flexible LED Display in India Shopping Center

Meiyad Flexible LED Screen in the Bar

Meiyad Flexible LED Screen in the Bar

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