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Paste the LED outdoor screen can use the table, why?

Not. Demanding outdoor screen installation structure, SMD LED unable to adapt to the harsh outdoor environment.

The outdoor screen brightness higher, SMD LED unable to meet the outdoor screen brightness.

Display can not use the notebook control, why?

Not. The notebook computer's graphics card is built-in, can not be achieved with the control system connection, 

the current BOE have a notebook with a DVI interface, notebook control.

Display's aspect ratio in general?
Graphic screen: to determine the content displayed; Video Screen: general close to 4:3 or 4:3; the ideal ratio is 16:9.
Why outdoor screen production cycle is long?

(1) procurement of raw materials: the LED lamp procurement cycle is longer, especially imported die, order cycle takes 4-6 weeks;

(2) The production process is complex: subject to the PCB design, production casing, plastic irrigation, adjusting white balance;

(3) strict structural requirements: the general cabinet design, the need to consider the wind, rain, lightning.

How to help the user to select the appropriate display?

(1) to display content

(2) visual distance, the perspective of the confirmation

(3) Screen resolution requirements

(4) installation of environmental requirements

(5) cost control

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