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What are the difficulties in home appearance stick LED display technology?

Date: 2015-07-06
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  Door appearance on the rise of the outdoor LED display screen into a high-speed development stage, but its development is not smooth.The lure of the big market, coupled with the lack of industry standards, under the profit-driven, price war once the market chaos.For table paste products, the most critical factor is encapsulated device of choice, especially for the outdoor small spacing, is very high to the requirement of reliability.
  Outdoor full-color patch encapsulation device is mainly the problem such as reliability, weatherability, the test in harsh outdoor conditions to ensure the waterproof performance is strong, the color effect is excellent, corrosion resistant to UV, ability, etc.
  Table paste products, since there has been a about the reliability of a dispute, but after years of experiment and improvement process, reliability have made a lot of ascension.But for outdoor LED display application, responding to the test of all kinds of extreme weather, reliability, and weatherability is particularly important.At the same time need to adapt to foreign minister time, high strength work.
  On the reliability problem, most packaging manufacturers have produced their own solution, from the technical level of research, has made considerable progress.While reliability is still an outdoor small spacing on the promotion of a problem, but in the future, LED outdoor small spacing in reliability will have very big improvement.
  Signal transmission and safety problems
  Outdoor appearance to stick the choice of materials is small spacing LED display promotion of one of the main technical difficulties.How to choose a suitable table paste material can meet the needs of the outdoor display small spacing, this requires ongoing research.For the downstream production enterprise of LED display, outdoor small spacing of the main technical difficulties, there are two: signal transmission and safety problems.
  A single transmission, since the scanning control technology.Single wire transfer, flat cable, signal distribution technology, get rid of the traditional signal connector, solved the bad problems caused by loose connector signal transmission.Chassis internal clean and relaxed, signal power layout, connection be clear at a glance, to ensure the stable and reliable image display.At the same time, the high density show cases from scanning bid farewell to the distance of parallel signal transmission, increased signal intensity, enhanced the reliability of the data supply increased the proportion of the function of display panel in LED display control system, weaken the signal conversion link in the middle.
  Second, nano protection technology, nanotechnology, with its exquisite, ultra-thin, high pervious to light, the light can form a protective layer, the dust and the rain is completely isolated outside of the tube core features to ensure that the role of its automatic filled cracks LED encapsulation, under the condition of ensure protective material viscosity smoothies, does not affect the electronic properties, luminescent properties, and fully protect the luminous body.The combination of nanometer materials and LED lights close in the sunlight for a long time the rain under the bad environment of display screen can still pretty like new.
  In addition, the display surface using printed circuit board, plastic tape lead positive arrangement in printed circuit board pasted on the chip carrier encapsulation of leds, drives and other devices fitted on the underside of the printed circuit board, and then after the completion of the assembly of printed circuit board is embedded in the module base on aging, and between the printing lines and leds fill in nano materials, the formation of pervious to light waterproof sealing layer, so as to constitute a single piece of printed circuit board structure of light emitting diode display protection technology.
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