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The main reason for the LED display screen is widely used in the field of transportation

Date: 2015-07-02
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  With the advent of the era of information, intelligent traffic information service system (hereinafter referred to as the intelligent transportation system) of construction and development has become more and more important, in the field of public transportation service for the society, information release became important service content, all kinds of information display device as airports, railway stations, docks, bus stations, highways, urban roads, parking lots, etc the dominant means to release information to the public.
  Learned, intelligent transportation system generally includes the information source, information processing and information display, including the release of the display is the use of various multimedia display devices, such as LED display, LCD display, CRT display screen, the PDP display screen, etc.Among them, the LED display with seamless splicing, realistic color reduction, long service life, high brightness, high reliability and other advantages, gradually, at the same time due to the features of road traffic environment, LED display as the main means of information display.
  In many applications in the field of LED display, traffic information display is one of the important application field.According to industry classification methods, LED display screen includes transportation passenger information display and highway two kinds big.Including passenger information display is mainly used in railway stations, subways, airports, docks, bus stations and other places, while highway shows including traffic-induced screen, LED variable information board and other applications.
  LED display was able to quickly open the market in the field of traffic information display, and is widely used, there are three main reasons:
  One is with the rapid development of LED display technology, the LED display pixel pitch is more and more small, high density LED display resolution can be greatly increased, in a limited area according to the picture clearer, exquisite, lifelike.Command decision makers that helps to control center through the way of manual or automatic real-time processing and analysis of dynamic traffic situation, release and display traffic information, road conditions, etc., to reduce the degree of congestion and improve traffic capacity.
  Secondly, high brightness, outdoor LED display screen in the outdoor work, the traffic is only enough brightness, in order to clearly visible in the sun, it is particularly important;Not enough brightness, display effect is poor, then LED display is meaningless.
  The third is the price factors, once unattainable high-density LED tube core, now valued more and more people, the competitive advantage began to emerge.
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