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Main field of the spread of LED display

Date: 2015-06-30
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  Along with the advance of the LED display technology, high brightness, wide Angle of the LED display is overwhelming to rapid development.As a medium for the spread of information, one of the LED display can not only spread in the cultural propaganda and commodity, can also with the perfect display effect and abundant dynamic images to display its unique charm and value.Life, everywhere LED display, it bring people of information at the same time, also have the effect of the beautify the environment, the appearance of its majestic imposing manner, smooth display images, exquisite color performance, can smooth add a new vitality for the city, set up a kind of beautiful scenery.
  As is known to all, LED display is used as a commercial mostly, belong to economic behavior, stress and the pursuit of economic benefits is the instinct requirement of it.In addition, the service of all kinds of audience's demand information to meet the city is also necessary, such as transportation, culture, tourism, health care, finance, public welfare, and many other areas, LED display with a wide variety of information to convey to the audience.Therefore, in order to more deeply understand the spread of its value, we expounds in several areas.
  LED display, with its unique advantages, and gradually replace the traditional billboards, print, light boxes, etc., become the advertising media industry a new force.Compared with the traditional media, the LED display screen can display text, images and video, in the form of intuitive, image, vivid display attracts attention more and more mandatory and sex.Advertise in the densely populated business district, square, novel mode of transmission, to establish a good image of the transmission;A broader perspective, transmission is wider, more audience, can produce bigger advertising effectiveness.Main application of LED display advertising media are busy streets, shopping malls, square, park, shopping center building buildings and landmarks, etc.
  The traffic
  Transportation is a large application market of LED display, is also a big application window.In the busy street intersection or on both sides of the highway, will establish traffic induction LED display, these screens are generally controlled by the control center and unified, in combination with other traffic monitoring equipment, automatic according to traffic information to display the traffic flow and congestion, make a reference for travelers to choose the optimal route.Also have according to the weather, traffic laws, etc., to remind the driver to drive safely, and have the function of the signpost.Main application places are urban main road, the road dense area, highway, etc.
  Once upon a time, and the quiet campus of hanging various prominent banner, the wind or sunshine, has lost its original color, after the rainy season, rags.This scenario has gone.Now on campus or at the gate of the building in front of the hanging is not the old banners, but LED display, windproof, rainproof, color is more conspicuous.School through the LED display the latest school rules, any notification and dynamic campus, for teachers and students in the first place to see and learn.LED display in the application of the campus is more and more popular, its good publicity as well as fast and convenient information transmission, more and more get the favour of, in the school setting LED display has also become a kind of tide and trend.
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