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LED outdoor small spacing subversion of traditional media

Date: 2015-06-26
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  In the development of LED display, LED small spacing opened a new era, in the LED display industry has opened up a more vast blue ocean market, opened up a winning technology, professional enemies journey.Have to say that this is the recognition to the LED display enterprise independent innovation, is the best tool to promote the development of industry.
  From indoor to outdoor, LED display screen has been small spacing across the threshold of another, better display effect in the continuous improvement, in the process, and brings us a surprise?
  Advertising machine as carrier
  At present, the LED outdoor small spacing is still in an early stage and screen so small spacing is not so common in outdoor applications.Leading products on the market at present is still 8, 1 0 P P star products.But in the future, the industry structure will change.In the current era of big data, has been ubiquitous Internet thinking, build new Internet of new model become the urgent matter.And interactive technology, creative content, intelligent life became the development direction in the field of commercial display and information integration, the commercial display industry market focus from the screen hardware itself also extend for the hardware and software interactive function integration, man-machine intelligent interaction between will give digital signage and LED display more broad application territory, small spacing is the best way to make the products to commercialization, science and technology.
  For a long time, digital signage has dominated the outdoor advertising machine show that the application of a very important position, and with the rapid development of economy and rapid growth, in its application field has a broad market space.In technical updating and under the demand of the market, advertising machine has become LED targeting an important market.
  LED advertising machine has been given priority to with liquid crystal display, but with the narrowing of the LED display point spacing, display effect is more apparent, and you have a lot of liquid crystal display does not have the advantage of gradually become the latest must-haves in the display industry, LED display started in the field of advertising machine is a soil.
  The complexity of the outdoor environment, puts forward more strict on LED display stringent requirements, even in extreme weather conditions such as sand storm, still need to maintain a high level of suitability and applicability, this is also about the quality of the LED display and process put forward higher requirements.However, under the impetus of the technology, the reliability of the LED display greatly been improved.
  In terms of the present stage, outdoor LED display screen more applications in the field of advertising machine small spacing.Because LED outdoor small spacing is expensive, cost is higher, the greater the per unit area for displaying effect less demanding areas, users will not choose the high cost of small spacing LED display.Relatively speaking, advertising machine area is not very big, and easy installation, saving time and space.
  Outside of the development of the small spacing gradually mature, pixel pitch will shrink further, which will bring better visual experience.
  In the future, infinite possibility
  With the decrease of point spacing, the LED display has come down from the high above the altar, close interaction with the audience.Therefore, to the LED display screen with small spacing wider application space.LED display is entering a new and huge market, like a pedestrian street, commercial plaza, window screen and advertising machine;There are shelters, newsstand, community information kiosks, gas stations, shopping pavilion, parking lot, etc.
  These places are former window, canvas, or LCD, but after popularization LED outdoor small spacing, will be made by alternative, LED display screen to achieve the most widely applicable to these fields will also be a LED display screen the strongest growth small spacing.
  In addition, the smaller distance between LED display, display effect is more clear, through the LED display, through the qr code, through the APP screen can be combined with the mobile Internet become O2O offline to online entry, the screen will become WeChat even wi-fi entrance, the screen will become another form of physical stores.
  In addition, now there are companies in augmented reality technology research and development, marketing of LED display screen has become a small spacing between scene to gather.LED display and image tracking and recognition technology, become the carrier of "precise marketing";If the display screen and touch, touch technology, will become the virtual stores or large intelligent terminal;If the display screen and broadcast, spreading technology combine, from a single point of media to online media, will stimulate outdoor advertising rental market.
  With the progress of technology, you can imagine the LED display screen will change our traditional ads concept, it will become the era of mobile Internet interactive intelligent display platform experience.
  LED display screen, small spacing is much more likely to reverse the traditional media in the form of imagination, it is not just a way of marketing innovation, more important is the concept of a breakthrough, but also the achievements of technology innovation.
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