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Four big advantage of outdoor LED display

Date: 2015-06-16
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  Outdoor LED display media with its trend of development of high-definition digital became the new media is a force to be reckoned with.It is more than an extension of the traditional outdoor media and TV media, social media, such as weibo, LBS positioning and mobile terminals, build up a communication with the consumer interaction and three-dimensional space, at the same time gives the possibility of more creative, also shaped the media are its core value.Here are the four advantages of outdoor LED display screen.
  1, the core business circle, casting space value
  Outdoor LED display media construction location is located in the center of the core city landmarks, mostly business circle, the traffic trunk road, and other places where traffic was populated with functional.With the popularity of the urbanization process and the family car, these places have become mainstream in cities, catering business and leisure travelers indispensable important place such as shopping, work out, because of its scarcity, features such as the core, has also become the marketing value and quality of media forms.
  2, high arrival rate and the effective cover the audience
  LED display screen area is big, bold, strong visual impact, perspective is wide and color dazzle beautiful and other characteristics, has good visibility and super clear images, combined with the unique advantage of space, make the LED display media to attract the attention of the urban population.
  A study found that the outdoor LED display media rate was 61.8%, the average weeks business circle to frequency of 3.8 times per week on average, on the average arrival rate was 79.3%, 30% of the audience is active on the outdoor LED display media, audience, on average, a single stop looking for 15.1 seconds.LED display has a relatively stable, repeated contact with the audience, which is beneficial to the LED display screen media of information transfer and understanding.
  3, audience recognition, boost advertising effectiveness
  The study found that the outdoor LED display can effectively improve the audience's perception of the brand and attitude, in view of the outdoor media, people tend to think the ads brand on the outdoor LED display is a strength of the big brands as well as the industry's leading brand, etc.
  At the same time LED display advertising to promote the brand and the impression of products is also very helpful, 76.1% of the audience is definitely the outdoor LED display advertising impression of the brand and product promotion effect is larger.Product advertising propaganda and the formation of the good brand image, for consumers to purchase is going to be a very important role.
  After exposure to outdoor LED display advertising audience behavior affected by advertising, follow-up behavior intention, among them, nearly 20% will take the initiative to search online information, 6.7% will directly into the shop, consultation, will try to buy the product, 24.7% and 37.3% will be passed to another person or active discussion related products information, secondary spread.
  4, audience high-end, marketing value significantly
  The survey found that the arrival of the outdoor LED display media people main body has the characteristics of young, highly educated and high income, often contact in the audience 21-45 years old, 80.2% college degree or above, 65.9% to 34.8% mid-level managers, they have stable and high income, spending power is strong.
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