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The campus LED display is mainly used in analysis

Date: 2015-06-04
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  As the LED display puts glorious greatly in the business world, as a place of education schools LED display application is more and more popular in the campus, its good publicity as well as fast and convenient information transmission, got the favour of more and more schools, in the school setting LED display has also become a kind of tide and trend.From the traditional monochrome screen, but then the double color display, full-color display screen now.LED display technology in the unceasing progress, also continues to mature, the application in the campus are becoming mature.At present, most schools use screen are full color displays.Such images showed clear smooth, have the pictures, can greatly improve the image of the school, also can promote the spread of information more timely and effective.
  Now we know that the use of campus environment is common location:
  1, the school gate on the promotional display
  LED display applications on campus, the school's screen is the most intuitive, is also the most direct reaction image shows school spirit as well as an important window.In campus application requirement for this kind of display is quite high.With high precision and high color rendering index.
  2, sports venues
  More and more schools will hold some sports competitions, the application of LED display in stadiums need more professional, due to the particularity of the professionalism of the sports venues and application, also increase accordingly to the requirement of LED display.
  3, campus bulletin board application
  School bulletin LED display mainly shows the campus news, memorabilia, school of publicity, all kinds of celebrations and inform the content such as, to replace the traditional posted notices, banner notifications, etc.The role of LED display boards on campus is very obvious, advantage is very outstanding, replaced the traditional Zhang Tieshi notification.
  In the future, with the development of electronic information technology, the LED display on campus will be more useful, will be more and more wide application range, also will be more and more many diverse application way.With the mature of display technology, LED display instead of the multimedia teaching equipment, also is not impossible.LED display, at that time, there will be more put to good use.
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