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Market application trend of LED display in the next few years

Date: 2015-05-19
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  Today we live in a city, whether at night or during the day, can be seen everywhere in the LED display has always maintained a normally on state, LED outdoor advertising screen for businesses advertise their products advertising campaign information, etc.And people in the outdoor displays for their demand information.Have to say that the emergence of LED display make people access to the information more widely, to a certain extent, improve the quality of people's lives.
  Use LED display on the market at present is probably the most places shopping malls, hotels, schools, and other related units.Depending on the display information, the use of LED display, also can say the LED in the above industry has developed more mature.In other communities, gas stations and other market is relatively utilization rate is relatively low, meiya di LED the market in the coming years is expected application trend should be in the direction of this a few:
  Social media
  In the next few years, as the technology mature and prices fall further, the application of LED display in social media will be more and more.From the advertising value, community LED display is the spread of the community to provide information service platform, engineering covering urban communities entrances, stream of people, making;Propaganda content, which is closely linked with the residents can attract the attention of the community residents rate, close to enhance the reading rate of advertising.
  Gas station
  The largest number of countries in China has become a global car use, gas station network is the only media for car driver and owner of the national media network, this is one of the most affluent groups in China.By improving the LED screen to bring the influence of the media network will be more can meet the needs of advertisers, and create more economic value.As the LED market matures, we believe that the future of LED the market application is not confined to these places, but have more places such as the LED service.
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