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The basic characteristics of stadium LED screen

Date: 2015-05-13
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  LED application domain gradually differentiation lead the industry developing, the application of products is more and more widely.Applications such as outdoor media advertising outdoor upright type display, indoor application of indoor table or the small spacing display products.And many large and medium-sized gym at home and abroad will be applied to the full color LED screen, pitch, especially at the scene of the basketball or football game, it is an indispensable part of.So, in this kind of display products and understand how much?
  LED stadium screen includes broadcast content, time, local time, as well as scoring control system three parts, plus in the stadium of the display screen, hanging round around the stadium LED display, advertising display screen of the stand around the stadium.It can make the audience feel the effect of the screen was very impressive, let you have a different visual experience and enjoyment.It not only can live basketball game video, can be widely used in other games besides basketball game.
  Circular LED display made by more than one hundred screens and be used to play video images, general hung high in the center of the stadium, because its shape is relatively concentrated, depending on the position and shape of the screen can be professional screen control system.The display effect scientific adjustment according to the best Angle of view and the requirement of the customers.Stand around the stadium advertising display, display ads can be very intuitive.For the players and the referee and the general audience field of the latest news.
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