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LED display industry in 2015 will mature

Date: 2015-05-07
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  After years of development, the LED display screen brightness, energy saving, color, play mode, etc, are becoming more and more perfect, more and more popular with the market and the approval, rising market demand, a thriving sight LED market. At the same time as the LED display manufacturers increasingly pay attention to product research and development and application of technology.Hope to give the user experience better, and improve competitiveness of their products.
  According to the LED industry, according to the related data in 2012 LED display prices continue to fall, year-on-year drop from 15% to 15% in 2011.Due to power the larger manufacturers hope that through the integration of the market in the form of price adjustment, standardize the market.Into the consolidation period, the LED display industry has in the next few years will be gradually eliminated by merger or even part of the small and medium-sized enterprises.In the consolidation stage, LED display manufacturers with technical support and capital strength are expected to use the power of the capital market and the enterprise itself technology and channel advantage achieved rapid development.The next 2-3 years, LED display of industrial concentration will promote quickly.
  LED display industry is entering mature period, so its market scale will maintain steady growth.LED electronic display applications become more broad, economic recovery, LED display, 2015 will be a year of the maturity of the technology and market.
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