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Small pixel pitch LED displays have become mainstream products

Date: 2015-04-25
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  China's LED manufacturers have provided 70% LED products to the global market. The annual LED China Exhibition is a platform for China's LED manufacturers to issue new products and show their brand images. LED China of this year has the following obvious features:
  1. Exhibiting companies vary greatly. Besides China's outstanding manufacturers such as MRLED, CREE and NICHIA, a lot of new manufacturers have emerged in the LED display industry. Most products of these new companies are customized for a particular market segment and embody obvious features, and are sold and applied to a limited range of fields.
  2. Small pixel pitch LED displays have become mainstream products. At present, MRLED, CREE and NICHIA have launched high-definition LED display products such as U1.9, U2.5, which can be used in traffic control rooms and television studio, etc. Small pixel pitch LED displays have realized large-area seamless stitching and high brightness, without any noise. So these products are quite popular with high-end customers.
  3. LED display technology has achieved huge progress. Besides smaller pixel pitch as mentioned above, many highlights have shown in terms of color reproducibility, creative styles, exquisite appearance, quick installation and maintenance, etc. MRLED is a well-known manufacturer of  LED display, and is producing 1.9mm, 2.5mm,3mm pixel pitch LED display today. The cabinet adopts die-cast aluminum material, with the advantages of product strength, precision and high flatness of the entire screen, the lifetime can be 10 years. Cabinet with light and thin, concept design, weight only 5.6kg and 50mm thickness. Advanced R&D technology and reliable components ensure its outstanding performane of high grey scale & refresh rate.
  As shown in this session of LED China Exhibition, Chinese manufacturers possess great strength, especially in such aspects as innovation, technology and product design. Combined with the increasingly stricter quality control and competitive price, it is convinced that more and more international buyers will purchase Chinese products and choose the leading brands of China.
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