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Exploring Meiyad from Special-Shape Products

Date: 2017-09-15
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 Exploring Meiyad from Special-Shape Products


  Quality and innovation are the core of a company for its long-term development. After the central government puts forward the strategy that "made in China" upgrades to "create in China",many companies have responded, and some are even rubbing their hands, just waiting to implement. However, as time goes by, most of them are defeated by various problems in reality, so they only speak “create in China” on their mouth, but fail to implement it. When LED companies are facing a fierce competition situation with almost identical products, price wars sweep across the whole industry. Many companies focus on price competition, so they have no time to care about the quality and innovation. While Meiyad averts the eyes from the price war, and concentrates on developing special-shape LED display, carrying quality and innovation through to obtain new business opportunity. With the development of technology and manufacture workmanship, today, Shenzhen Meiyad have made many classical cases in the international market, and become one of the representative of “made in China” and “create in China” in international LED product applications.


Exploring Meiyad from Special-Shape Products


  What’s the attitude of Shenzhen Meiyad to quality and innovation? It can be revealed from its special-shape products. When Meiyaders first explored the special-shape creativity market, they innovated various specifications of triangular modules, which can be spliced to create most of the models. In fact, Meiyad made various attempts at the shape of the display. For example, DJ stage , which cooperates with colorful images and dynamic melody, bringing people a strong visual impact. It not only helps entertainment venues to attract many people, butalso upgrades the level of them. The visible benefits make Meyaid products a hot pursuit for clients.


Exploring Meiyad from Special-Shape ProductsExploring Meiyad from Special-Shape ProductsExploring Meiyad from Special-Shape Products


  Meiyaders are not satisfied with it. To make the modeling more flexible, soon after the triangular modules appeared, they innovated P4-P10 series of flexible modules, which are the world’s highest definition flexible modules at that time, and then particularly innovated a patent soft mask for them. So even though now some companies can produce the same-definition flexible modules, Meiyad can still win with its high product quality. But obviously, Meiyad is not a company content with “I have the product that is better than others’”, it also insist on “ I have omething nobody has”, then Meiyad creates the higher definition flexible modules, whose pixel pitch is 2.5mm. It is the first one in the whole industry, and remain unique today.


Exploring Meiyad from Special-Shape ProductsExploring Meiyad from Special-Shape Products


 Meiyaders refer to the "triangular module" and "flexible module" as the "special-shape emperor" series, trying to build an special-shape empire in LED world. Her ambitions are evident. In fact, the two products are industry-leading, both in its quality and shape creation. But, to the surprise Meiyad adds a new member to the series——the circular modules. The triangular modules and the flexible modules have been developed for a long time, so for Meiyad, they can be produce in standard large scale, while the circle modules need to be customized according to customer requirements. The new circle modules require more demanding workmanship to promise the perfect-circle shape and intact lamp near the rim. Meiyad creates them based on the accumulation of long-term technical experience. Meiyaders accumulate technical experience through innovation, and innovate through the accumulation of technical experience. Accumulation is a guarantee of quality.


Exploring Meiyad from Special-Shape Products
























 When it comes to special-shaped display, Meiyad also remains the style that accumulation of technical experience coexists with innovation. Apart from display with various Meiyad classical shape such as M-shape , ox-horn, owl, cube, Meiyad can also makes sphere-shape display, ladder-shape display and floor (ground) display. Meiyaders are devoting themself to create innovation brand, independently researching and developing the widest variety of special-shape products in LED display industry.


Exploring Meiyad from Special-Shape ProductsExploring Meiyad from Special-Shape ProductsExploring Meiyad from Special-Shape Products


 In 2015, when Meiyaders are exploring the special-shape display market, they provides the customized service, promises their customers that "we will meet your requirements to the end as long as you ask for customization". Meiyaders are proud of their long-term pursuit of high quality and innovation, proud of their never-give-up spirit. They have accumulated lots of technical experience, challenge and overcome challenges, so they have never broken their promise.


 Exploring Meiyad from Special-Shape Products


 Meiyad clings to customer centric and keep creating based on customers’ demand. Meiyaders follow the company policy, pursuing the customer satisfactory, keeping improving on products and services. That’s why in the international market, Meiyad have more than 5000 successful cases. People can find Meiyad products in the United States, Europe, Japan, Middle East Area and part of Africa countries. And that’s why Meiyad have won the trust of international brands, have made friendly stable long-term relationship with clients, and has built a national brand of LED display with its excellent achievements. When Meiyad aims to be an international integrated provider with R&D, manufacture, retail, and service in the LED display industry, Meiyaders have already fixed their eyes on the market, on the foreign, and on the future. Something that stays in your mind will someday spring up in your life. Meiyaders have achieved parts of their goal, and now they are struggling to realize the rest. How can you miss out on such a farseeing andcapable company?


Exploring Meiyad from Special-Shape Products


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