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Meiyad LED Display Screen Shines the BOSS Bar in Phnom Penh,Cambodia

Date: 2014-11-28
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       Last month, Meiyad finished installation and debug of creative LED display screen in Boss Bar, Phnom Penh City-the capital of Cambodia. The project has become the successful application of creative LED display screen in Phnom Penh City, Cambodia, which add another successful classic case to Meiyad’s various overseas projects. In recent years, Meiyad’s LED products has gained a growing of favor from our overseas customers, which proves our high quality products.

The creative LED display screen in Boss Bar is assembled by Meiyad’s outdoor full color P10 LED display modules, with a total area of 46. Meiyad’s creative LED display screen is different from normal Graphic displays, which can have various shapes and can display all sorts of design and video at the same time. People can have a sense of novel and true. In the increasing fierce market of LED display, users have higher requirements on LED products. They are not satisfied of some conventional performance indexes, such as brightness and pixel pitch. They care more about the perfect application in various occasions. In the novel, Meiyad attracts the attention of the audience, achieves the goal of winning. Meiyad find a special way to develop and design creative LED display screen:circular, cube, various styles of three-dimensional screen, various kinds of modeling and combined with props, such as gate house, stage modeling, car frame combination, which can be described in various forms, stem-changing technology.

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