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Meiyad (Shenzhen) Operations Center impressives performance greet birthday

Date: 2014-11-24
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 Time flies so fast, we has ushered in the joy and hope of the Meiyad (Shenzhen) Operations Center first anniversary.

 In April 2013, Meiyad had decided to set up Meiyad Operations Center (Shenzhen); the same year in July, the office was selected, construction area of 1,200 square meters; the same year in November, renovated office officially put into use. The operations center from zero to now has grown to more than 80 people, including domestic and international sales of high-end research and development, marketing and other departments.

 In this memorable year, both the joy, sweat, tempered, more emotionally unite to overcome the difficulties of the moment. On the battlefield under the leadership of the company, everywhere we forge ahead in the figure.

 This year, Meiyad (Shenzhen) operations center has always in accordanced with the established line of development, and gradually solved the difficulties encountered in the early days, but also continued in the internal management Plough, and gradually improved the quality and efficiency.

 This year, the Meiyad also Meiyad (Shenzhen) operations center to mature a year, under the leadership of the company's concern and support, and the joint efforts of all staff, operations center has made impressive achievements in this year of hard work and development in exchange for a gratifying performance, as we can not forget the memories.


Fruitful development of the first year, not only impressive performance, in terms of brand awareness and customer satisfaction has also made considerable progress. In 2014, Meiyad (Shenzhen) operations center sales exceeded 90 million yuan (which exports 50 million yuan, 40 million yuan for domestic projects, does not include domestic sales channels).





Just one year, developed a small dot pitch series, Alien series, bus stations advertising screen series, nine new products, and has made the majority of users praise.

 In 2014, a total of five games to participate in domestic exhibitions, international fairs three games.

 Russia Advertising Exhibition:


Guangzhou LED Exhibition:


Facing the future,Meiyad (Shenzhen) Operations Center will continue to uphold the company's corporate culture, strengthen the talent introduction and training, attention to system construction and improvement of the company's concern and support, the operations center and under the unremitting efforts of all staff not only to achieve further enhance the management and sales performance, but also to protect our continued steady, sustained and healthy development!

Meiyad is in one of the flagship aircraft carrier to create LED displays, LED lighting, precision circuits, development, production, sales and service .

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