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Super High definition screen is more and more popular

Date: 2014-11-03
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       In recent years, as the matures of semiconductor technology and production industry ,LED display industry embarked on field of subdivision applications.small pitch LED display officially entered the market in 2012,and in 2013, small pitch LED display R & D and production was completely wake up, during which new emerging (such as P2.0, P1.8, P1.5, P1.4, etc.).

Since 2014, small pitch product is leaps and bounds, had launched a P1.2, P1.0 even smaller dot pitch  product,and substantial increase in Resolution & Refresh rate & Gray Level . Undoubtedly, it made a favorable impression on everybody. Recently CCTV a "LED screen is expected to enter an ordinary family" caused widespread industry hot.

Narrow LED display market because of Industry attributes. The small pitch LED not only broaden the field of application but also wishing to enter the civilian market.

Appearance & application of small pitch LED , broken up the both price war and gross margin growth of  LED display, has become a new profit growth point in the LED display field,

As if allow enterprises to find a shortcut to get rid of their own development bottleneck

And they are always follow foreign LED enterprise , finally they be proud that small pitch display is advanced than foreign counterparts.

Why is the small pitch LED display so popular?

Anyway,  small pitch LED is not just a technology trend, it’s as an era truly arrived.

HC LED screen network in long-term tracking of more than 60 enterprises, about 20 companies have P2.5 even smaller pitch products.

End user also showed good acceptance of small pitch LED.  It is widely used in foreign luxury brand display, bank information display, internal troops, water conservancy, intelligent transportation and other areas.

Industry experts believe that the main reason for the traditional LED display enterprises keen to develop a small pitch is : Under the low profit ,traditional LED display must find new growth point; Traditional outdoor products’ technology mature, R&D technical space of indoor small pitch are broadened; Upstream vendors increasingly focus on small pitch LED; The opportunity of indoor display market is prominent.

So the appearance of small pitch LED display is the result of technology & enterprise choice & profit-push.

In the future, increasingly explicit market open trend, product profitability rise sharply, small spacing LED display unprecedented market enthusiasm will be really lighted.

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