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A big surprise hereIn the large-scale performances, theatrical performances, star concerts, activities at the scene, we can see a variety of LED display, then the heterosexual imperial Triangle and traditional LED display ,What is the difference between them?      the heterosexual imperial of Equilateral triangle module The simplest three-dimensional space is composed of triangles, and triangle types are right triangle, equilateral triangle, isosceles right triangle, isosceles triangle and other arbitrary triangle.And the equilateral triangle is almost exactl...
发布时间: 2016 - 11 - 05
DJ station means the Soul Logo of the bar and the special feature of the stage. Application of LED screen into DJ station Blows a whirlwind.Matching Special DJ LED screen with Live music rhythm can Bring you into an Wonderful audio-visual world by Showing a variety of fantasy , dazzling mystery, gorgeous colorful visual impact. DJ led Screen Caters the special requirements of Lighting background from Upscale bar / KTV / stage etc. Powerful Vision Impact from DJ LED screen increase the attraction of Night field , Enhance the grade and level of the night market DJ LED screen is the Creative poin...
发布时间: 2016 - 10 - 25
LED displays are fast becoming an important part of today's advertising needs. Almost every good business, whether retail or wholesale, which depends upon storefront advertising should have a led display, as it attracts passersby in addition to making the storefront more eye-catching. In this article, we shall discuss, point by point, the various advantages of having a good led display for your store/shop. What is an led display? An led display is generally an electronics ticker, with an ability to display electronic messages, often moving from left to right. . It is generally made u...
发布时间: 2016 - 07 - 04
LED Display Grey level: A calibrated sequence of grey tones, ranging from black to white. In remote sensing, electromagnetic radiation falling on a photosensitive receiver generates an electrical current proportional to the intensity of the radiation. The receiver is usually tuned to specific wavelength bands and the signal from each receiver is amplified and its intensity classified into different levels, usually 0 (black) to 256. These are the digital numbers of each of the pixel units that together make up a remotely sensed frame. In multi-spectral scanning systems, the digital nu...
发布时间: 2016 - 07 - 01
Nowadays, Meiyad aging house is going to aging a batch HD P2.5 LED display which shipping to Saudi Arabia soon.According to the engineer, this batch P2.5 LED display cabinets achieved 234 sets, and area have 54 square meters, will be install in a five-star hotel banquet hall soon.  Meiyad P2.5 LED Display Module Aging Meiyad P2.5 LED display, cabinets size is 480*480mm, the advantages of the display are High-definition, flexible refresh rate, seamless, good cooling system, and removable, even in a close watching, it ultra-clear, flicker-free and no graininess. At present, the di...
发布时间: 2016 - 06 - 29
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