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As always, after an exhibition, I come home with hundreds of new ideas and a better understanding of the digital billboards market.    After talking with several customers and visiting several booths at the recent Viscom Italia in Milan I realized something that I already knew but that hit me…    The video or electronic LED billboards have been on the market for several years now but it is still in its infancy as a developing media for outdoor advertising.    The more I walked around the exhibition center, the more I understood the huge advantages of LED giant screen for outdoor applications -...
发布时间: 2015 - 03 - 23
Under the situation of the current global energy shortage, energy conservation is one of the important problems we face. Known as a new generation of green LED light source, its advantages of energy-saving, environmental protection, long service life, the LED lighting industry become a national focus on green industry. In view of the increasingly mature and the rapid development ofLED lighting technology, in order to standardize the LED lighting this emerging market, the global LED some important regional market have launched the relevant technical regulations or standards, the application of ...
发布时间: 2015 - 03 - 19
First let us know about the LED screen, LED display industry for small spacing definition, in fact, in the era of rapid development of science and technology, the definition of every period are also different.    In ten years ago when the LED industry has emerged, LED pixel pitch under 4 mm products can be defined as a small spacing, in the five years ago, LED pixel pitch to 2.5 mm can only be called within the small distance between the LED screen; Nowadays, with the improving of the production technology research and development level, small spacing LED standards had to less than 2 mm.    Th...
发布时间: 2015 - 03 - 17
The SGI Dubai 2015 (full name is :SGI Dubai2015 Sign & Graphic Imaging Middle East)  will be open on 11th January, 2015 at Sheikh Saeed Halls 1, 2, 3 & Arena - Dubai World Trade Centre, UAE..        We will especially show the smart designed LED display screen( P3 Indoor Rental Type Screen, LED Sign and LED Display Module) and LED Panel Light.        OUR BOOTH INFORMATION:         Show Name:SGI Dubai 2015        Time:1...
发布时间: 2014 - 12 - 05
Screen Model :Outdoor full color P10 Screen area: 298 square meters. Project completion Time:October,2014 The Bin Huiwan stadium is one of the major public tenders from the   local government in Suizhou City , Hubei Province . The total investment of this project is 650 million, the covered area of the main building's is 24,838 sqm, the seat numbers of the bleachers is two thousand, and the max height of the building is 21 meters, it is a comprehensive Lever B stadium, its main funtion is to hold the local and nationwide items competition. Owing to the the brand advantage and the good r...
发布时间: 2014 - 12 - 02
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