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说明: Prduct Model: P3.91 Indoor HD LED DisplayLocation: MauritiusApplication: Indoor Advertising LED DisplayPitch: 3.91mmQuantity: 1 PieceSize: 2.5m x 8.0m = 20 ㎡Tags: Indoor LED Display | Advertising LED Display | HD LED DisplayIntroduction:Meiyad P3.91 Indoor HD LED Display in Mauritius.
说明: Features & Technical Specification:1.Wide application field : advertising LED display, Stadium perimeter LED display , Mobile led display for mobile media , shopping mall LED display for logo showing , bank & stock exchange LED display for rates showing , train & bus station , airport , telecommunication LED screen system for information showing and instruction , Stage performances and so on.2. High Contrast and Frequency: Has very high level to ensure a vivid image of our LED screen system.3. First-class LED chip: Supplied by Silan & other high strictly selected LED chip to ensure the long life time and high brightness of our LED screen system.4. Clear vivid image quality: even in direct, full-on sunlight to ensure you attracts more audience to get shor...
说明: Prduct Model: Indoor LED Display P4Location: DubaiApplication: Indoor LED DisplayPitch: 4mmQuantity: 1Piece Size: 32m2Year: 2017 Tags: Indoor LED Display | Indoor advertising LED Display | HD LED Display
案例名称: Indoor LED display P4
说明: Prduct Model: Indoor LED Display P4Location: DubaiApplication: Indoor Advertising LED DisplayPitch: 4mmQuantity: 1Piece Size: 23m2Year: 2017 Tags: Indoor LED Display | Advertising LED Display | HD LED Display
说明: Prduct Model: P2.5 Indoor HD LED DisplayLocation: L'etoile Mall in RussiaApplication: Indoor Advertising LED DisplayPitch: 2.5mmQuantity: 10 PieceSize: 132 ㎡Tags: Indoor LED Display | Advertising LED Display | HD LED Display Introduction: Speaking to L'etoile Mall, it has great social influence, the biggest beauty mall in the Russia and selling many international top brands products. Therefore, customer is very strictly with selecting LED display screen factory, Meiyad with advantages of superior quality and excellent service, Meiyad finally won competitors and made an deal. Now a year went by,the P2.5 high definition LED display screen's display effect has not changed with the passage of time, still clear, smooth and vivid. General LED display brightness of a year, there ar...
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